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Uncle Max is Back! October 3, 2009

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As some of you may recall, I kept an Election 2008 Blog that discussed various election issues as well as offered my opinions regarding numerous political hot topics.  After the election, I had intended to maintain the blog, but alas . . . I did not.  So, I began to tweet about various political topics, but many of you out there seem to think that “tweeting” was kind of lame.  So, @ the prompting of several individuals (SAA and NG mainly), I have decided to start the blog again while still maintaining the twitter pages for all of you tweeters.  I’ll also post occasional items on my Facebook page as well.  Basically – you won’t be able to escape what I think about the world!  Furthermore, I plan to post about various other topics that I find amusing or interesting (mainly theatre, TV, fashion, Chicago happenings, etc.).  In terms of frequency, my goal will be to post a few times a week and use my Facebook page to notify people of when a new post exists on the blog with a monthly email that summarizes what is on the blog.  Finally, expect the posts to be a bit shorter than the last blog with links to more articles for you to read (the micr0-blog tweeing concept has made an influence on me in terms of keeping posts shorter)!

 Overall, the goal of this new blog will be the same as the Election 2008 Blog.  I want to engage, to inspire, and to provoke . . . and have a little fun making all of us more informed citizens in the world in which we must coexist!


One Response to “Uncle Max is Back!”

  1. Brad Shaffer Says:

    Hooray! I really should start my blog back up. It was very entertaining for all readers…

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