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Gay Marriage Repealed in Maine November 15, 2009

Filed under: Gay Marriage — Larry E. Stuckey II @ 9:01 pm

With election 2009, Maine voters faced a similar question that California voters did in 2009 – should gay marriage be repealed?  Well, apparently Maine votes and California voters have something in common . . . gay marriage was repealed in Maine.  While the supporters of traditional marriage only one by six percent (53 % – YES, 47% – NO), this defeat is very disappointing, but does reflect that the majority is almost in favor of gay marriage.  So, the gay movement is making progress if not success. 

Now . . . a little rant . . .

I know that there is a lot of people who believe that these referendums are just because it is the will of the people.  However, I believe that government’s role is to protect people from the majority.  Can you imagine if Abraham Lincoln had put the ending of slavery to a vote?  What if the Supreme Court had allowed the integration of schools to be a vote?  What if the government had allowed men to decide if women could vote?  Oh yes – we would have different laws in different states like we did pre-the 19th amendment?  The bottom line is that federal gay marriage is a civil right and it is needed.  Varying laws in different states is ridiculous and difficult to govern.  Also, separate but equal laws, i.e. domestic partnership, does not work either – MARRIAGE NOW!

One more item of interest that is not surprising – the majority of the repeal gay marriage movement in Maine was funded by churches, most notably The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland . . . so, ask yourself – where is your Sunday offering going the next time you throw some cash in the offering plate?


One Response to “Gay Marriage Repealed in Maine”

  1. Nicholas Hosking Says:

    Damn Larry I read the whole first page of your Blog. You sure have a lot to say. I almost disagree with everything you think… Not really but I thought I would give you a topic to talk about if you ever run out.

    At least you know one person has read everything you have wrote!


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