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Going Rogue . . . or the Reality Star I Can’t Stop Watching! November 15, 2009

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Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue,” is released this Tuesday.  Before the release of the new book, I thought it would be good to remind the Uncle Max blog readers about her odd lies while she has become a public figure.  See this comprehensive listing at Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Dish.  Here is my favorite:

Palin lied when she told voters she improvised her convention speech when her teleprompter stopped working properly; in fact, all reports showed that the machine had functioned perfectly and that her speech had closely followed the script.

I am very tempted to read this book to see what else CRAZY she says (she reminds me of a quote from a good friend of mine (hat tip: JBI) . . . “You just can’t argue with crazy.”).  Anyway, I am afraid that by reading the book that I am just further endorsing the perpetuation of this craziness.  Will you be reading the book (and if you are, let me know and I can read your copy – then, I won’t feel as guilty)?!?!?


One Response to “Going Rogue . . . or the Reality Star I Can’t Stop Watching!”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    If I read it, it will be a library copy, I will not pay.

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