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Somedays (Sung by Audra McDonald) / Obama Delivers November 15, 2009

Filed under: Divas Singing!!!!,Gay Rights — Larry E. Stuckey II @ 9:45 pm

I know that some of you out there are Private Practice fans.  Well, the actress playing Naomi, Audra McDonald, is a very accomplished singer and a three-time Tony winner (Tony = Academy Award for theatre).  Anyway, since I would like to have some optimism with the most recent posts, I am posting my favorite Audra McDonald performance.  The song is Somedays composed by Steve Marzullo from a poem by James Baldwin.  It is a song that always gives me hope.  Enjoy! 

And speaking of hope . . . Obama signed into legislation federal hate crime legislation for the LGBT community.  While I am personally sometimes unsure of the value of this legislation (I mean – isn’t assault horrendous despite the motivation?), it is a very symbolic moves that shows Obama is moving in the right direction with respect to gay rights.  Also, Obama recently lifted the HIV travel ban.  If you are unsure of why this travel bans was so ridiculous, see this very human story.


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