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Success in Iraq – Did You Hear About This One on the Nightly News? November 15, 2009

Filed under: Foreign Relations — Larry E. Stuckey II @ 8:37 pm

An item that seemed to pass without much fanfare is the face that the Iraqi government passed election laws that now allows a national vote to occur January 2010.  This movement demonstrates that Obama’s strategy may be working (even as he considers new ones in Afghanistan).  Here is the key quote:

“The deal getting done is clearly good news . . . The election law deal has obvious implications for Obama’s commitment to withdraw combat forces.  The American withdrawal timeline was long ago pegged to the elections, with force levels kept relatively high in order to provide for security during the elections and in the immediate aftermath. If the elections had been postponed, it would have posed a major problem for the withdrawal planning.  So from that narrow perspective, getting the elections done in January under any laws was really important – and Obama today affirmed that the deal keeps the withdrawal on schedule.  Getting a law which seems to include most of what the U.S. wanted substantively is a bonus.”


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