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Is Obama Keeping His Promises With Healthcare Reform? YES! March 14, 2010

Filed under: Healthcare Reform — Larry E. Stuckey II @ 1:29 am

Some people are saying that Obama is not keeping his promises with healthcare reform.  Well, I think some of these people may need to refamiliarize themselves with his campaign white paper regarding healthcare reform.  As Esra Klein argues, Obama’s current plan is aligned with his initial campaign promises.  Here is the punchline:

The basic structure of the proposal is remarkably similar. Here’s how it was described in the campaign’s white paper.  The Obama-Biden plan provides new affordable health insurance options by: (1) guaranteeing eligibility for all health insurance plans; (2) creating a National Health Insurance Exchange to help Americans and businesses purchase private health insurance; (3) providing new tax credits to families who can’t afford health insurance and to small businesses with a new Small Business Health Tax Credit; (4) requiring all large employers to contribute towards health coverage for their employees or towards the cost of the public plan; (5) requiring all children have health care coverage; (5) expanding eligibility for the Medicaid and SCHIP programs; and (6) allowing flexibility for state health reform plans.



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