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Pass the Healthcare Bill – NOW! March 14, 2010

Filed under: Healthcare Reform — Larry E. Stuckey II @ 2:27 am

OK – here is my post about why I think healthcare reform should pass.

1.) This bill contains many good measures.  From a pure moral perspective, we cannot continue to have 40+ million people to be without health insurance.  While I very much want to see health care cost reform in the future (and this bill does some things on this front), I don’t see how we can know what costs to control until more people are accessing the system.

2.) This bill ends many of the insurance company practices that are deplorable, namely pre-existing conditions and lifetime maximums.  Individually, these reforms are very popular.  If the Democrats sell these benefits appropriately, they have a winning package.

3.) As the current bill stands, it is deficit reducing.  Also, it is not the government taking over healthcare.  This takeover already happened with Medicare and Medicaid.     

Finally, here are some political realities:

1.) This bill is not about abortion – no matter how hard some people are trying.  In fact, the Catholic Health Group accepts the language in the healthcare reform bill

2.) Obama is not using “funny” legislative procedures to pass this bill.  He is attempting to have a simple majority to pass the bill (not 60+).  We have passed several bills in this country (Bush’s tax cuts, welfare reform – BOTH REPUBLICAN INITIATIVES) through reconciliation.  So, don’t believe this hyperbole.  If every law in this country required 60+ votes, we would have not had welfare reform or tax reform in the last few years.


2 Responses to “Pass the Healthcare Bill – NOW!”

  1. Jim Zalar Says:

    First lets acknowledge the facts by looking into them aand not just raw numbers.

    46 million uninsured (actually more then what you state)
    253 million have insurance

    5-7 million of these uninsured for less then 90 (depends how you do math)
    5 million uninsured who make over $65,000 and chose not to buy any type of insurance.
    5 million are non citizens of this country
    2 million are childless adults between 18-34
    5 million are eligible for medicare or medicaid but chose to not sign up
    So conservatively there are truly 10-15 million of 300 million that are truly uninsured. And we want to overall the healthcare system for 1/30th of the populaiton.

    The reality is we are changing healthcare through changes being made by CMS. Paying for performance/outcomes is going to change the way we deliver healthcare in the future. More physicians will gravitate toward a group model. Hospitals will be punished for unplanned readmissions. Quality will be the driving factor.

    The last thing we need is another entitlement program that hands people something for nothing.

    Let’s not raise taxes on people (which we do in fact do in this bill as many health plans will now be taxed as they are considered luxury plans).

    If you want to fix healthcare fix the people using it. Raise taxes on cigerettes and soda drinkers ( I admit to being a pepsi addict and I am willing to pay extra), make gym memberships tax deductible, give communities dollars to build rec centers for people to work out, increase physical education time at the elementry school level. In effect, make people healthier!

    There are many ways to fix healthcare. The democrats current bill just isn’t one of them.

  2. Dr. Brett Says:

    I agree with Jim!

    As a physician about to enter the private practice world…I am quite nervous about this bill along with 95% of my peers for several reasons.

    We are seeing an alarming decrease in reimbursement, especially from Medicare and Medicaid. We now are recieving about 20 cents for every dollar we bill Medicare and 12-13 cents for every dollar we bill Medicaid. Many older physicians are earning 40-50% less than 10 years ago. We are facing a likely significant increase in taxation (income, capital gains, etc.) We have seen no progress on tort reform which I believe WILL at least help with health care costs. Right now, patients who have no intention to pay us can sue us at will.

    I will leave my residency still facing about 200K in medical school debt (from an in-state school). I have given up countless hours of my young adulthood to studying and being on call while other young professionals are earning income. I will take on the risks of a profession where the slightest mistake could lead to the death of my patient. Physicians, for the most part, do not expect to become filty rich, but we expect to be rewarded for what we do. We will see a loss of income with this bill due to decreased reimbursement and increased taxes. (Sorry for my whining…but this is my life).

    I love my profession and I can’t think of doing anything else. However, I am see peers actively look for new careers and I see a declining interest in American college students looking into medicine. I AGREE that health care needs to be reformed, but not in a process full of politics (on BOTH sides) and concern for re-election.

    Bring on “pay for performance”. Hold Americans accountable for their unhelathy lifestyles. Reform tort law. Reform insurance policy. Limit the terms of govenment leaders. Keep government small. DON’T ROB FROM THOSE WHO WORK HARD FOR WHAT THEY HAVE JUST TO GIVE TO THOSE WHO DON’T!!!!!!!!

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